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Extreme sports are an answer to our safety-first, shrink-wrapped world. They offer you the chance to create your own specific path and find out where your limits are.

It seems as if there is a new extreme sport created nearly every week, each apparently more fantastic and risky than the one before. For example, hang-gliding and skydiving both helped to spawn heli-bungee and sky-flying whereas skateboarding produced street luge.

Extreme sports - also branded as lifestyle sports originated back in the 1960s, and have been growing since the late 1980s with an estimated audience of 20 million across Europe today. But it's not all image. Underneath the publicity, lifestyle sports are a new class of sport for a new era. While traditional sports promoted the values of commitment and fair play, extreme sport offer individuals a more personal kind of challenge.

Buying the correct extreme sports equipment will allow you to make the most of this new era in sports!

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