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Nothing can beat the feeling of freedom of your first dive in warm, tropical water. You float with ease through the crystal water, not held back by the demand to revisit to the surface.

Thousands of beautifully coloured fish swim past as you look down to the corals below you see a moray eel, gaping at you from its hole. Clown fish nestle in their soft coral homes, whilst oddly-shaped box fish seem to stare at you as they drift by.

As you sink lower and lower into the depths of the ocean the sound of the waves crashing on the reef die down and all you can hear is the air passing your ears as you exhale. With a slow barrel-roll you look up through the clear blue water to see the silvery surface way off in the distance. Everywhere you look there is another wonder, another beautiful thing to explore.

Buying the correct scuba equipment will allow you to make the most of this wonderful new world, whilst keeping you safe at the same time!

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